Detail Wash

Sm...$40 Med..$50 Lrg...$60.00 X-Lrg...$70

Our most basic service, but also the most essential service for long term retention.


  • Gentle handwash and dry

  • Wheels, tires cleaned and dressed

  • Interior vacuum, wipe down, and streak free glass

Preventative Maintenance Detail

Sm...$120 Med...$160 Lrg...$200 X-Lrg...$240

We build off our Basic Detail and spend more time on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Additional Services Include:


  • Two step application of paint cleaner and sealant

  • Hot water extraction of floor mats

  • Detailing of interior trim, dash, console, and doors

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Routine Detailing Packages

Like changing your oil and checking your tires these services are essential preventative maintenance necessary to keep that new car feel throughout your entire ownership experience. All prices are estimates.

Exterior Detailing Services


Exterior specific packages designed to protect and/or restore a showroom appearance.

*Scratch removal/polishing starts with stage I

Exterior Protection package

Sm...$80 Med...$100 Lrg...$120 X-Lrg...$140

Our Goal: Clean and protect all exterior surfaces

  • Wheels, tires, wheel wells cleaned and dressed

  • Removal of bugs, tar, and road grime build up

  • Door jamb cleaning

  • Two step application of paint cleaner and sealant

  • Interior vacuum, wipe down, and streak free glass

Stage I - Exterior Refresher

Sm...$120 Med...$160 Lrg...$200 X-Lrg...$240

Our Goal: Contamination removal and added gloss


To our Exterior Protection Pacakage we add:

  • Clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaminents

  • Lite polish application for added gloss

Stage II - Exterior Rejuvenation

Sm...$210 Med...$260 Lrg...$310 X-Lrg...$360

Our Goal: Swirl removal for added gloss.


Our aim is better than 60% correction through an added polishing step.

Stage III - Exterior Reconditioning

Prices starting @ Sm...$300 Med...$360 Lrg...$390 X-Lrg...$450

Our Goal: Removal of 90% of all visible swirling and scratching while leaving a healthy paint thickness.


We custom tailor our procedures to meet the unique needs ofyour specific vehicle to ensure the best possible result. Please contact us for details.

Interior Reconditioning

ALL PRICES ARE ESTIMATES!!! Prices starting @ Sm...$100-120 Med...$120-140 Lrg...$120-140 X-Lrg...$140-160

A gentle removalof dirt, stains, and odors using a moern and safe cleanaing methods including; steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and compressed air purging. Every interior surface, crack and crevice is properly addressed. Ozone gas treatments are aso available


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Interior Detailing Services


There's only one way to do them! Our goals is an odor nuetral interior free of dirt and debris that feels fresh to the touch.